Hummingbirds – Pint-sized helicopters

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Hummingbirds are as cute as they come. In spite of their small size, hummingbirds never fail to inspire awe from any keen birdwatcher. However, these tiny birds aren’t as weak and clumsy as most people think.



The truth is, hummingbirds are born with several talents. First and foremost is the bird’s ability to hover in mid-air. No other bird can do that. In fact, their wings are so agile that most hummingbirds can go as fast as 15-80 wing flaps per second. The other talent is their ability to perceive colors that are well outside the visible range of human beings.


Bats – Sound trippers

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One look and it’s clear to see that bats are extraordinary creatures. First and foremost, bat are mammals, not birds, which is why their bodies are covered with hair and not feathers. Also, bats are nocturnal animals, unlike most other birds.



The bat’s weirdest, and 10th most amazing on this list, characteristic is its ability to navigate the darkness with the use of soundwaves. Bats emit ultrasonic squeaks that bounces off of insects and other objects the soundwave comes into contact with. Then, from the echo, the bat determines the size, shape and distance of the object up ahead. Look Ma, no eyes!

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